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RE: Construction co face more layoffs (30%) 2009

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I try to keep up on the Golden Triangle PetroChemical Industry Info, I’m from there, went to Lamar University, and Lamar Institute of Technolgy.  I have at least one credible friend that works at every one of the plants there in the area.   Most went to LIT with me.  Its amazing how we get dispursed in industry after college. I am one of a few who left the area and got hired on with a company outside the Beaumont-Port Arthur area.  I just wish this area supported the oil industry as much as most in the Golden Triangle community do.  I guess not enough dads and family members work at these facilitys here in Houston to invoke ownership or care when a contract comes up or flares are burning.  The only thing i hear when these facilitys flare is, how bad it is for the enviroment… not I guess mom or dad is having a bad day.  It kills me to see the opportunity to build or finish building motiva has maybe been squandered for the time being.

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