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RE: Construction co face more layoffs (30%) 2009

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Hi guys, thank you for your insights into the construction situation from first hand experience. If there’s a safety issue, then it’s good for the rest of us to know about it.  manchesterutd81, you are registered and that adds to your credibility. 

Guest, since you are anonymous, some people may wonder what your motivation is.  You should consider registering. The forum is available for all of us to share concerns and knowledge.  I don’t want you to take this the wrong way or stop posting, but some of the posts where you are sharing stories about what you did here and there, are not particularly meaningful to the rest of the world or those of us who do not even know you by name.  (Others have brought this to my attention too)

So kindly keep sharing the stuff that the coker community needs to know.  We’re in this together.  Let’s all be safe!

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