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RE: Construction co face more layoffs (30%) 2009

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wow, last i heard motiva is starting to look like a ghost town.
i just have one question, is all the scaffolding that came in from china out of motiva? i have a right to know. because everyone has the right to know that it was defective. jacobs and bechtel knew, or should have known that the scaffolding was defective. i want to know if the scaffolding was tested before it arrived at motiva. i am willing to bet it was not. what does this mean, the joint venture and motiva put people in harms way. if my recollection serves me correctly, someone was hurt because of the scaffolding. the next day, after the incident, scaffolding was coming down fast. still the joint venture and motiva were still holding fast to the notion that there was nothing wrong with the scaffolding. really, so how is it the the pins on the scaffolding would fly off when struck by 28oz hammers. explain that to me?
the scaffolding contractor, safway, was run out.  safway is an embarresment. they are the so called experts. they were there for over 4 or 5 months, and never bothered closely inspecting the scaffolding. they should change their name to harmsway. i am so serious.
by the way, also inspect the pipe rack closely, after all it came in from china also. next time buy american.

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