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RE: Construction co face more layoffs (30%) 2009

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man-u, have not heard from you lately. are you getting ready for fulham or what.
you know i have alot of cep stories. i will try and share one daily with all of you. when i got to the project, i was blown away. i mean the magnitude. i would just look around in amazement. i was going to be a part of history. the first refinery in the us in the last 30 odd years or so. i mean there were cranes eveywhere. i said what the hell is going on here. pile driving while the project is going on. not a very good idea. i take my tool belt off and go and talk to some surveyors. i told them what i thought. i told them there would be shifting and movement in some of the footing. i was told that it would be okay where we were at. but, i was concerned where we were at, because piling were not be driven. i was was concern with sbu, h-block, and ncu., because most of the pilie driving was occuring in those area. a couple of months later, one of the surveyors came to me and told me, i was right. there was indeed shifting and movement, up to 3 inches in some areas. this was brought up to the joint ventures attention. yet, they dismissed. what started happening is all three areas, including d and e pipe rack, was there was deviations in the coordinates or benchmarks. this is funny, the joint venture was blaming all the surveyors in the project for this. they figured the surveyors had calculated wrong or somehow made mistakes. the engineers were saying there could not be shifting or movement because of the pile driving. what are you kidding me. i bet if motiva asked these engineers for their diploma it would probably be written with crayons. so what does this all mean, i am not sure i am just a carpenter. but i can bet some of the structure may be difficult to set. or let me guess, when the surveyors start shooting elavations or projections they may be off. i am just saying the integrity of the concrete, structure, or pipe might have be jeoperdized.
so in november, jv wanted all the surveying teams on the project to document their information. they wanted the teams to take all the information of poured concrete down. to see if the piling were indeed causing some of this shifting and movement in the footings.
can you imagine what is going here. there were thousands of pilings driven next to poured concrete. bring me a real structure engineer to assess damages.
tomorrow- the scaffolding they brought in from china.

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