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RE: Congress Pressures Obama over Keystone XL Pipeline by Nov 1

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Charles Randall

Here is update on House pressing for approval (or on-record veto) of TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline for Canadian Crude to US Gulf Coast.
Unfortunately the source article is by Liberal AirTalk raido & Washington Post with lots of environmental wingnut comments from National Defence group, Serria Club & other activist.
But it highlights that Adminstration has been working stealth campaign against it via backdoor EPA regulation/critique and Congress is going force Obama to go on record one way or other about P/L.

Never fails to suprise me that Liberal media, Environmental activist & Politicians are the only ones left supporting failed Climate Change (new wording for GLobal Warming not that pubic in mass has rejected the concept/fraud of its premise). And that they continue use GW/CC as excuse for defeating anything for fossil fuels and US secure energy program. The growing frustration of alarmist like AL Gore and James Hansen (lone NASA Meteroligst whose unsupported climate model for GW has been rejected by his peers in both Climatology & Meterology) only support views of real scientiest that Man Made Climate Change/Global Warming is a Myth or Fraud depending on your level of rejection.

James Derby & Proffessor Ian Plimer have disputed James Hansen’s article against the Keystone P/L “Silence is Deadly” and have view that Global Warming is a First World Luxury with no basis in scientific fact. Man Made Global Warming is just a figment of Al Gores imagination.

Hopefully many of these types of issue will be defeated when Kyoto Treaty in 2012 is not renewed and the depth of the damage this Environmental wealth re-distribution tool has actually done to the GLobal Environment by letting Developing nations pollution go unregulated.

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