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Mark Czech

We 6 drums total – 2 are 27′ in diameter and 4 are 20′ in diameter. Our jet pump for the 27′ drums has a discharge pressure of about 3400 psi and a flow of about 900 gpm. Nozzle diameters on our combo tool is 0.565″

The jet pump for the 20′ drums puts out about 1950 psi but we don’t have flow indication for this pump. The spec sheet for the pump says we should be putting out 800 gpm but I’d be surprised if we are actually that high. Use of a strap on doppler flow meter has put us at around 650 gpm. The nozzle diameter for these combo tools is 0.498″. We also were struggling with long cuts on this coker last summer and did all kinds of feed analysis to determine why the coke was so hard. We finally decided to experiment with the nozzle sizes on one combo tool to see if that would help. When we disassembled the tool in the shop we found that almost 50% of the orifices in the flow straightener were plugged with pea sized pieces of coke. How these small pieces made it through our cutting water tank and jet pump is beyond me but they were there none the less. We still decided to go ahead with the different size nozzle so we put one or our spare 0.565″ nozzle sets on this bit. The jet pump pressure with this bit is about 1820 psi – again flow is unknown. Once we went through all the other combo tools and cleaned them out our cutting times returned back to normal – down from 5 hours back to 2-3 hours.

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