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Hello my name is Robert Mauch I just retired from ConocoPhillips last Thursday for other than age issues.I’ve worked in the refinery for 29 years.I have been involved in Ethylene,Cat Cracking and finally as a lead operator in the coker.I have been a lead operator for the past 10 yrs. years.I am looking for a consulting position to help in the construction and process development of new and existing cokers.I have been active in the development of training manuals,Process point development, the day to day operation of the process and scheduled maintenance activities.I am 55 years old and need to work for another 5-7 yrs.Willing to travel if the pay is right.
   contact :
    Robert Mauch
101 Francis
Sweeny,Texas 77480
979-548-0129 (home)
979-234-8274 (cell)

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