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RE: Coker Fractionator Bottom Liq Holdup

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Lucky reviewing the 4 of  coker Fractionator , I can tell you that in all this design the HLL were between 13 and 12 feet and the LLL between 8-12 inch  (from the TL) .  The capacities for these units are approximately between 28000 and 66000 BPSD, and the time between HLL-LLL were  around 13 to 16 minutes
Also the liquid surge requeriments for a chimneys trays (wash section)are determined as the greater of the following three
Circulating pumparound                1 minute
Product to storage                          2 minute
wash oil (pumped induced reflux)  5 minute
All this number is a normal capacity (nominal)
I hope that help you

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