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RE: Coke storage


My opinion is that the first thing to ensure as far as possible is the cooling/quenching of  the shot coke;  that is, reviewing whether the cooling/quenching  ramps are consistent with this type of coke, usually is recommended at the end of the cooling,  leave for a short period of soaking this type of coke
At least in one of ours  units  we had to change the material of the belts by one that can  resisted more temperature and hydrocarbon ; also will check that the fire system cover the pit in case of any fire in that zone and finally with this type of coke in some opportunities we had some fire in the storage/pile and this was to handle,  spray the  coke with a product/chemical  that is called Soil Cement. This product creates a film over the coke ; preventing that the coke was in contact with air and also preventing the coke fine  fly  from the  storage pile due to the wind
Im sorry for my english

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