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RE: Coke Pit depth


Dear friend in the old discussion maybe you can found the same or similar question
I found some answer like this

Does anyone have a rule of thumb for required surface area of a coke pit based on coke produced?
Let us say you have 8oo ton drums & that you are making sponge coke (& lets assume ~ 50 lb/ft3 density) you would need a storage volume of ~ 31,700 ft3. If area is limited & you default to cokes angle repose (use ~50 degrees this case) it would be pile 35 ft height & 58 feet diameter at base. This assumes limited base area pit width for say two 24-27 ft diameter drums -but more base area would decreases height needed. Now if the 800 tons were shot coke (60 lb/ft3) the storage volume would need to be ~28,900 ft3 – default area with angle repose (~40 degrees shot)would be pile 27 ft height & 64 ft diameter. ”
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