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RE: Coke Handling Bridge Crane

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Claus Graf

We had two overhead cranes in a 4 drum coker. Our coke pit had walls around, and the coke crusher was high, making the use of a front end loader (in case of emergency) not an option.
1. I agree with woodshop on the plastic coating. The cables that will wear out faster are the ones that open and close the bucket. Have spare cables ready.
2. Guide rail alignment is critical for reliable operation. Also, closely review the beam support for the rails.
3. Plan on getting a control system that will minimize stress on the crane structure by means of controlling each motor operation independently. This will prevent one side of the crane trying to move ahead of the other side.
4. Spare bucket is required. Once you have to replace your first bucket, you can repair the old one.
5. Make sure there is enough clearance between the maintenance area roof and the crane for easier access and safety.
6. Operator control cabin location should be decided based on safety and operator preference. Our cabin and bucket moved together and the steam from the coke hindered vision.
7. You want large diameter roller on the bucket to prevent/minimize damage to the opening/closing cables.
8. With two cranes you need an anti-collision device that will disable the cranes if the get too near.
9. Get the best seat you can  for the safety and comfort of the crane operator.

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