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RE: Coke fines removal from clear water tank

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[quote]ORIGINAL: psiblesz

What are the options to remove coke fines from the clear water tank?

Our tank is 56′ diameter and 60′ height.

Preventive: How to avoid coke fines accumulation?:
-Fixed Facilities?

Corrective: How to remove the fines when the bottom bed level is too high?:
-Fixed facilities?
-Mobile facilites?



Hello Pedro.
I am James Griffin with Tri Flo International. We have been using a pre-scalping liquid solid separator to remove the large to small size coke particles from the water at the beginning of the maze and preferably at the sluice way. The large particles of coke from one quarter of an inch and larger can make the hydrocyclones totally useless if allowed to get this far down stream from the point of origination. Hydrocyclones are very effective to remove particles from the coker cutter water if the pre-scalper is installed. This will reduce the accumulation in your fresh water tank tremendously.

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