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From: Kaz Ganji
Category: Safety
Date: 03 Aug 2004

We have tried purging the drum with superhead steam instead of saturated steam in few refineries,which resulted in less amount of steam use with same period of purging time, surely purged all the oxygen out. Superheated steam does have more than 3 times the specific value than the saturated steam (lb/ft3). Also, it did help a little in heating the drum wall. A good news is that we are offering to use a new short warm-up line rather than the current warm-up line(i.e.less than 100 ft of warm-up line, instead of more than 300 ft). Warm up time will be 30 minutes, for purging with super heated steam followed by 60 minutes of hot vapor. The vapor temperature at the top of empty drum will be more than 800 F and at almost same pressure of the live drum). Future purgin and warm up time will be one and half hour instead of 4-6 hours. Temperature will be much hotter prior to switching the drum and in a shorter time. Please read my patent number 6,764,592B1, titled “Drum warming and foam reduction in Petroleum Cokers” for more information. I can also be reached through

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