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From: Coker Squirrel
Date: 27 Jul 2004

We have two Coker Units, eight Drums total. We are not considering putting a Drum in warm-up early. We are only considering saving steam energy by not steam purging a Drum that has been headed up for several hours. Currently we are on 14 hour coking cycles but at times we still have several hours to spare before putting a Drum in warm-up. We currently put a minimal amount of steam into the Drum after heading up but we thought that we could conserve even on that.

I have heard that there is a remote chance that a relief valve could leak back into the Drum which would cause a hazardous atmosphere in a headed up Drum. That is why we have a minimal steam purge in a headed up Drum until time to pressure test and go to warm-up. If we mitigate that remote chance of a leaking relief valve back into the empty Drum, is there any other hazard concerning a headed up Drum without a steam purge on it? Thank you, Mr. Cat.

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