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Date: 29 Jul 2004

I have a few Q’s for you – Mr. Squirrel – 1.What is the age of your Coke drums -there are two ages -one is actual years in service -other is actual thermal cycles it is exposed to -pl. tell us both 2. Is the warm-up time 1.5 hrs from the beginning ? We now have 3.5 hrs warm up for the 16 hour filling cycle. At 14 hrs. we plan to go to 3 hrs warm-up. 3. Are your drums inspected by CII(lowering video cameras etc.)? What are the findings? Coming back to your original Q -There is one more hazard scenario. If your drum is full of coke and for any reason , you keep it headed while keeping the vent valves open – cold air from bottom will gush thru the coke bed -eventually making so much of CO + CO2. Believe me -this can turn the coke bed redhot,provided sufficient time is available.

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