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Charles Randall

Sorry guys but there were couple typo’s but I couldn’t correct because the edit mode still sucks (see some previous comments where they tried to include question they are refering to) and often looks like we all have developed to speak “Rap/Hip Hop” coker terms!! <Paul is working on it – just hope we dont get too bad reputation on communication from visitors meantime>
My post should replace one top lines “like Foster and / or EPC contractors like Fluor/ABB/Bechtel Wheeler/ConocoPhillips will jump in” with the following correction “like Foster Wheeler/ConocoPhillips and/or EPC contractors like Fluor/ABB/Bechtel will jump in”.
And the last line has major spelled wrong (marjor)……I sure do miss the ability to have spell check option here
(: hint hint).

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