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Charles Randall

The general information had been that the average time frame for coker project is 24 months so if you take off time to get drums up & piped in that would say about 18 months for delivery from start construction to startup (but think this also depends on lead time to place order to fab shop between end planning & start of EPC – Construction stage. But that is average so expect the range is +/-2 months depending on “where” delivery point “IS” is (to quote Bill Clinton).
Having said that the current construction “buzz” is that it is taking 1-2 years longer for coker projects and up to 2-3 years longer on Upgrader coker projects for the constuction and lot has to do with both material, manpower & permiting problems. As that happens and these coker projects space out instead of being on top of each other – some are going to be +2years now & few firm orders already in are going reap benifit and be under 2 years.
One examples of 18 month time frame is India Reliance Refinery & coker doubling project – just like the first one it is starting up way early of the 24 month target date & comes online this year with drums sourced out of Asian sector.  Several of the Chinese coking refineries are coming online this year in advance of the 2009 target dates & so I think you still have to use China as big dog on supplying coke drums/ production & quick deliver capabilities compared to bottlenecks in both EU & US drum companies.

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