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Charles Randall

I recall my earlier promise because I intend to address this bunch of chest beating nonsense.
I notice people quoting professional courtesy & whining about attacks are usually people without the stones to admit truth’s & who also take snipes like the ones to which they are objecting. I not only extended respect & consideration …. it appears I over-extended it in some cases.
I (and most of groups I mentioned) have seen the coke drums in all stages of their life from fabrication to replacement – so I dont know whom you are talking about that only has seen a coke drum on paper. I have seen more drums fabricated and installed for several applications (fuel/needle/anode) at just one refinery site than your company has made so far. 
You need to face up to the fact that Mangiarotti is a NEW COMER to the coke drum industry – so far you have only made (making) 6 coke drums and they have barely been in the field, let alone long enough to have any creditability as to their proven capabilities…. yet (unless your trying count the useless mechanical warrantee period). The manufacturing of heat exchangers or Hydrotreater gives you absolutely NO creditability for making quality coke drums which undergo a great deal of stress – in fact the 60 years it seems to have taken your company to make the attempt in this field…. may have been just good judgment! (So I will give you the one that you just didnt show up one day with portable welding rig….but 60 years to start trying make coke drums is long study period).
It is clear from your post what your reasons for joining the discussion board have been….. to make advertising plugs for your company (glad to see you are finally going to pay for a legitimate advertising spot). This latest post based on first couple comments really seems to be about getting some field verification to prove to potential client that your competitor couldnt deliver drums in time frame you had to compete against (but clearly could not do) and then to break into another chest beating plug for your company – both of which I tried ignore earlier.
The arrogance of proclaiming your going to be the first to share a perspective as world class fabrication company on coke drum fabrication is absolutely crazy move since you have only made 6 drums (and are clearly therefore not a world class coke drum fabricator) and are not anywhere near the capabilities of CBI (+300 drums with over 40 years field operation) or SHI (over +90 drums ~ 2005 & 25+ years field operation).  And let me also say that CBI and other fabricators HAVE not only made efforts over the years to share their perspectives but their presentations in not only the discussion boards and conferences but at both Coker Technology workshops and SES Coke Drum workshops you have yet to attend.
I also doubt you are going to make the cross over to world class drum fabricator because you obviously dont treat your key people as critical part of a team – the fact that you dont feel John the fitter or Frank the welder need to be armed with information about coke drums from workshops (after all they are only the guys on front line making the drums?) but that your management might be says volumes.  Everything I know that works about innovation, teams and solutions – says you train the guys on the front line first and the management /desk jockeys last.
In fact, perhaps I owe both CBI & SHI an apology for elevating you to their class on Drum issues of fabrication that I was addressing. Clearly you not only didnt have the depth experience making drums but you don’t seem to understand the question because you were quoting the very limitations (tail wagging dog/trickle down/”purchasers specification”) as your excuses for why its “not my problem”. And your continued separation between coking process & drum fabrication is going to become a barrier for you eventually.
One last thing –  we are all intelligent people here at the board – please stop inserting the previous statements you respond to as though we are not capable of following your train of thought. We could always scroll back if we get lost.

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