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RE: Closer Safety look Texas & Crane deaths General

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Think this highlights real safety issue for Crane operation, Refineries & Coker work here in Texas.
One articles had stated that about 60-100 people die each year from crane related deaths – clearly an area for some upgrades on our refinery requirements /procedure for these guys instead of relying on this industry that accepts these kind of death tolls!
Here are some other stats on accidents around Texas lifted from other news articles:
In New York City, two crane accidents since March have killed nine people a greater number than the total deaths from cranes over the previous decade.
An Associated Press analysis in June found that cities and states have wildly varying rules governing construction cranes, and some have no regulations at all, choosing instead to rely on federal guidelines dating back nearly 40 years that some experts say haven’t kept up with technological advances.
Texas led the nation with 26 crane-related fatalities in 2005 and 2006, according to federal statistics. Cranes in Texas operate without any state or local oversight, leaving that job to federal regulators.
The crane at the refinery had been delivered in pieces and assembled on site within the last month. It was brought in to remove the roof of the coker unit so large drums could be removed from inside, Roecker said. Cokers convert crude oil to petroleum products.
East Texas Crane Academy president Joe Bob Williams, whose clients include Lyondell, said it’s unusual for such cranes to fail because of the number of people involved in their maintenance.”It’s really odd for these cranes to have any issues because there are so many eyes looking in,” Williams said.
Cameras are mounted around the plant and Roecker said the company hopes that video from those cameras will help it figure out what happened.

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