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RE: Climate Summit – Japan refuses extend Kyoto

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Charles Randall

This just made my day!!

Bless the Japanese – it is about time rest world stopped trying this ‘wealth redistribution tactic hiding behind lot false facts and unreachable goals that strip manufacturing from honest developed countries that do something and put it in countries that dont have to be concerned.  Why someone hasnt pointed out how much of increase in GHG the Kyoto has generated because of huge 300% increase in emissions from China, India & Russia is beyond me!
Unfortunately the Japanese are just making financial business decision that Kyoto has been killing their economy and until China has abide same rules as everyone else they aren’t doing it …… big downfall here is China has lied about whole ranges of statics’ for years and they can say they will and…. just not do it. What is really needed is put stake in heart of this stupid concept while its in weakened and fraud exposed position!

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