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RE: CHS Montana Refinery-$325M Coker Project

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Industry wide Resources
Resource population growing older
Non interest of young population to enter industry
Hurricane(s) Factors ($5000 signing bonus at Burger King)

Historic Market
1986 bottom dropped out for craftspersons saw as much as a $4 rate decrease
From 1986 to just before the Hurricanes a typical craftsperson would have only seen a $6 increase in pay over 20 years

Present Market 2006
Power Industry 316 Projects $18.58 Billion
Manufacturing 485 Projects $11.56 Billion
LNG 44 Projects $5.8 Billion
Chemicals 366 Projects $5.44 Billion
Pharmaceuticals 97 Projects $4.21 Billion
Refining 108 Projects $1.67 Billion

Whitney Strickland of AltairStrickland Turnaround Services delivers the rest of this informative Presentation at the May 2006 Safety Seminar

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