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RE: CHS Coker start-up Feb 1


Charles Randall

Here are couple updates on Cenex Laurel Refinery coker – don’t think anyone has done story on actual start up.
<Your kind interest – must be past custome who used get asphalt supplies from CHS?>
No post start up confirmation but it is not unusual since the coker won’t be at full capacity until the end of 1Q08.  The new 2 drum 15MBD unit has coker technology by Foster Wheeler and before their EPC stage is completed it must operate at guarntee design conditions (usually drum life guarntee is at 18-24 hr cycles) and then run at the commercial operating conditions (cokers on heavy sour crudes often operate as low as 9-14 hr cycles – but usually new ones start out at 14-16 hr until shake down cruise is over). The petcoke is slated to load into railcars for shipment.  <Not mentioned but Asphalt production will become an optional product for this refinery based on economics against coker feed – as it did for ConocoPhillips when it started its Billings Coking Unit (COP Coker Technology).>
Here are couple news blurbs few days before still confirming the Feb 1 startup date:
New 15 MBD Coker Unit @ 55 MBD Laurel, Montana Refinery Feb 1, 2008
Reuters, Jan 11, 2008 – The unit will be at full capacity by 1Q08’s end this year.  It will not raise the refinery’s capacity, a spokeswoman said, but will increase its refined fuels yield by about 14% < >
OPUS Jan 28, 2008 CHS — The 60 MBD Laurel refinery’s new $325 million coker unit is scheduled to begin start-up on Jan. 30 and be fully operational within the first quarter of 2008.  The coker will increase annual producion of gasoline by 80 million gallons.  (
All 3 Billings area refineries now have cokers

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