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RE: China angry at US Sanctions Oil firm over Iran Crude

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Charles Randall

Here is great news item about China finally being held to same standard as rest of WTO/Western World countries. Problem is that it has gotten away with ignoring, violating, and bluffing its way around rules and regulations that China now believes it has right to do what it wants too.

China has gained WTO status and access to higher valued western world markets but never followed any of conditions for its acceptance since entry: China fixes its currency at advantage, China does not recognize Patent and trademark rights and outright steals what it can, China on daily basis commits internet attacks/document thefts – even against US Pentagon, China subsidizes its Energy-Agriculture-Transportation-Minerals industries which gives cost advantage against other WTO countries. And finally China now the worlds largest polluter because of crazy Kyoto exemption – hasnt held any of its industry to emission regulations or investments. While EU & US struggle to get new plants with massive environmental equipment investments permitted in less 5 years, China puts on dozens a year (coal fired power plants/new refinery/new smelters) with little to no emissions control.

If China’s blatant cheating hadn’t threatened the collapse of frustrated US/UN trade sanctions – it is doubtful their company would have been sanctioned – an they even have cheek to US for criticising it & seek relief from it via rest of Arab connections who’s JV are also enjoying China’s environmental Kyoto exempt status. Hopefully if Canada, US and Japan stick to refusal sign 2012 new treaty that will at least come to end (at least on paper).

Everyone who holds manufacturing job needs contact Congress rep and complain about this ….. otherwise US will likely cave on this latest example of China’s unfair trade war with Western world whom our collective political leaders are protecting.

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