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RE: Chevron trys again to upgrade aging Richmond Refinery

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Charles Randall

 I saw this update on CVX Richmond problems but limiting posts because it is same sad old story about Calif Refineries vs. Environmental crazies.   Chevron’s script / next actions are ~ already pre-set/defined as to what is going happen!
They wont let them expand, wont let them try process economic heavy crudes (talks got killed because Contra Coasta Environmental crazies are one groups trying kill off all Canadian Bitumen crude development), and will block all expansions unless they get big greenmail payout ( Thank’s COP for setting that precedence – which they had do go ahead with theirs …..but now funds helps them with all other attacks).
The CVX guys will eventually give up & try shutdown or do conversion to Terminal (avoid heavy clean up cost) but surprise is in store there too, because once they give up ……. then the locals sue them not shutdown because puts area in tax/employment/supply crisis & cost gasoline goes thru roof! There will be lag on this due to post-recession gasoline demand collapse & high cost gasoline California due restrictive spec’s on Calif gas that put it +$0.50-1.00/gal higher rest US. Also California now has such a unique “Boutique” gasoline blend that few can (or want to due cost) make it.
Why cannot anyone give the straight story on what these Environmental idiots are doing? Most Upstream Majors are going dump this state (BP, Shell, XOM and suspect COP soon after) and then they are SOL – since California is one of big US 7 producing states (i.e. they ~75% all US gasoline) providing domestic exports to all the surrounding/other western region states.
So not only does California go into supply crisis & must import from China ( US still has stupid Jones act blocking rest US supplying WC area) but all states like Arizona (now 5 years fighting crazies to get new grassroots refinery even though everyone in state/city/neighborhood needs & wants it)! Do you  remember when Phoenix had one two major pipelines (one from Calif & larger one Texas) that supply them break & residents spent hours in lines gas stations? Well most Padd 5 is like that (just part of 39 US states that have little to no refining capacity) outside of two states: Washington & California refinery producing states.

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