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Charles Randall

Chevron is starting to unfold its post Unocal merger strategy – aggressive in the West Africa & Asia-Pacific regions that the two companies overlapped. Chevron is the US second largest producer & one of the Top 7 US Oil companies that now account for 75% of US & World refining capacity.
Hidden among the expansion plans is the intention to take its large coking refinery at Pascagoula from eight largest (325,000 BPD crude) and move it into the second largest spot – between the current US largest refineries – ExxonMobil’s Baytown Coking refinery 557,000 BDP crude (Delayed Petcoke 3050 & Fluid coke 500 TPD capacity) and second largest ExxonMobil B. Rouge Coking Refinery 493,500 BPD crude (5250 TPD Delayed Petcoke capacity).
The Chevron Pascagoula Refinery would need to add at least 175,000 BPD crude charge (mostly heavy crude) and that would increase its current 6450 TPD capacity to 8500-10,000 TPD depending on how heavy the crude slate is.  The current crude to coker ratio is very high at 28% but it may still need a drum addition or debottlenecking to keep its current processing flexibility.
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