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Charles Randall

I am not sure why your Guest comments are reply to Chris – he just commented on Bakken area as good growth & opportunity site for young single folks.

Given the entry lines – it is much more likely this was aimed at Post with Gingrich’s comments on Frack . I will give you that most politicians speak in half-truths but then so do you and most environmental types with these types comments.

First Cow farts are METHANE not METHANOL. Second Most of frack does use Steam (pressure), Sand (help prop open fracture AFTER it is created) or glass beads and water (density/weight carry other items). The compounds you mention Methanol & Glycol, ect are often just used keep rest from freezing – sometimes other chemicals are added to give higher density to frack fluid ….. but nobody driks the crap …….. which is what you have do get most conditions you mentioned – another half truth hysteria Tree huggers like use fan flames objection.

While I do admit some frack fluid does make it into water tables (for careless drilling companies – not majority or majors who push safety & health focus) – but liberal press and Green environmentalist are just as responsible for keeping this secret to push more conversion to Nat Gas from Fossil fuel alternates. <See earlier post on problems of Nat Gas from these formations also getting into water supplies – which I assume is what your comment around Methanol was really about>.

Nothing in this wold comes without some risk and exposure – and while our industry gets giant share of grief from the failures, majority folks do great job of doing it as safely and least exposure health as possible. However Green environmentalist are the last ones to talk about half truths and doing things safely – your NIMBY focus and drive kill off fossil process gives you no creditability.

No one mentions that the air in the average US home is 20 times more polluted than near any industrial site (all laundry & cleaning chemicals, scented candles & spray containers, hair spray, fumes from wood panneling, flooring, carpets & ect) but then that would alienate all folks and defuse cry against mfg plants. Earlier post I mention how everyone jumps on every bird/animal killed by oil spills or plant operations yet Green Wind Farms kill +100,000 birds/bats every year (seveal endangered) – due increase to 1 million by 2015 if Wind Energy continues be pushed – yet nothing hits liberal press.

Go pedal your one sided, half truth, green crap somewhere else we are all fed up with it here.

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