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RE: Chavez says China Lend Venezuela $20B

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Charles Randall

I wonder if any US Brain trust is catching that China is getting a Two-Fer on this loan? Given the Chinese/VZ Satellite, Military aircraft & cozy realtionship with Anti-US Dictator – it almost amounts to a forward observation base to US.
Article mentions Venezuela “could be facing a cash crunch from low oil prices” …….. its been crunched for some time now with prices sub-$85/Bbl but speculator help is underway even with crude inventory at 10 year highs.
Last item is kicker that shows Chavez is willing cut off his nose to make this work – the 460 MBD Venezuela exports does relate to 132 MBD Chinese imports ……. when you consider that Chavez has to keep 3 to 4 times the number of ships on the water for timely delivery of each crude shipment that would have gone to US that is only week from Venezuela!

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