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RE: Chalmette to shut 3 units (coker) , save $8 mil/month -sources

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Charles Randall

Chalmette has 2 cokers one ~anode or mostly anode quality (from Louisiana Crude types) that feeds Merchant Oxbow/CII Chalmette Calciner & other coker makes Fuel from heavy / Venezuela Syncrude operations. 
PDVSA recently (~Mar 2008) tried bump ExxonMobil off operational control when they weren’t living up to crude contract supply & stopped supplying crude as result of lawsuit on CerroNegro JV Upgrader & seziure $12B PDVSA assets till it was reversed & re-challenged (ticked off Chavez/PDVSA royal). 
My bet is they are going to swap out base since they neither get enough Syncrude or at market price so likely change to another source perhaps even Canadian Syncrude from reversed pipeline/ect. <However Chalmette Refining JV was one few exempted /not impacted by PDVSA 15% crude cutback in Apr 2008.
In the interim it is more than likely they dont need run both cokers & will make economic shutdown for short term on smaller anode coker….. I would guess.
Charlie Randall

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