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RE: Cemex – Tx wins lawsuit


Charles Randall

Here is update on Texas/Cemex lawsuit from TX Gov news release via Argus folks Ouch this is going hurt Cemex ….if they actually pay.

Brings creditability to the “Dont Mess With Texas” slogan! They have been mining lands whose mineral rights belong to Tx School Children since 1940 as article points out.

Reason it is in this section is becasue Cemex is big petcoke consumer for making cement in both Mexico & US. One few cement companies to integrate into Refining on JV with Pemex cokers.
How they can make good decisions that make lot sense and then turn around and continue to do dumb ones like this is beyond me. BTW – most US cement plants are now foreign owned &Mexico’s Cemex is one of the companies who own several US plants.

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