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More details from the breakout group.
#1: Unit De-Inventory Procedures
Be sure to pre-plan all aspects of the de-inventory procedures including sequence, dead-legs and potential storage issues.
Train operators thoroughly on this procedure in advance as there are many new operators that have not been through a shutdown before.
#2: Pre-Planning of Decontamination procedures with contractor
A detailed planning of the unit decontamination process should be done and documented well in advance of the shutdown.
This should involve SMEs from both the contractor and refinery Operations
#3: Operator training of the decontamination process
Train all operators in advance about the decontamination process, chemistries and procedures so they take ownership of the process.
This training should be done with the decontamination contractor being involved.
#4: Monitoring of the decontamination process
The contractor and Operations should agree on a plan for monitoring of the decontamination process.
This should include monitoring for contaminants, effectiveness and strength of chemistry being used, dead legs, isolations and temperatures.
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