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Charles Randall

I Thought you would like this – it’s a good article by Forbes about using animal fat & Pink Slime to make diesel fuel.
And its another great article by Christopher Helms – almost as good as his: Nuke Us/Nimby Boom/China Fracks US! Good to have someone in Forbes/Media commenting on Oil & Energy Industry that has common sense & open mind for change.
The “Cars as Carnivore” is good title & take on option that has been around for nearly decade now – Remember the “Turkey Guts to Gasoline” /Butterball Turkey Offal via Thermodepolymerization to fuels. ConocoPhillips also did plant with Tyson in to provide fuel into its Borger Refinery. A lot these types synergy plants died when Congress cut the $1/gal excise Tax credit down $0.50/gal – like they do anything works with any established Fossil fuel producer (who they also made ineligible for this credit). Hypocrite’s & Idiots abound in the Environmental/political/Media areas.
And as Helms says the volume is just drop bucket on our energy demands fuel & like solar is nice add-on but not option for base replacement potential. US now has ~75% of its Gas/Diesel produced in Just 7 sates (if you grouping East Coast NJ/Del/PA as one state – who are about shut 50% capacity with recent stupid LS reg’s on Heating oil that’s ~40% their product) – the other 39 states with little no refinery are going need these “animal fat” substitutes!
Good intel on Food industry also – Turns out Pink Slime could be bad tasting stuff in Hamburgers that probably accounts for reason it doesn’t taste like Hamburger (in addition to soy filler). If food industry calls it Pink Slime …… its got to be bad!


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