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RE: Canadians Kill Flawed Climate Change Bill

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Charles Randall

Here is recent news release on Canadians killing a flawed Climate Change Bill, so they are doing better job than the US in trying to keep the oil industry and manufacturing industry competative.  But it is only a temporary respite – rabid environmental groups like the Serria Club have vowed not to give up.
This is common theme whenever reality manages to win against all odds on stupid crippling environmental legislation like this one, they just continue to file lawsuits and claims until any dependent projects are killed by lack progress.
Major oil companies need to make these groups pay for frivolus lawsuits and go around liberal media to point out these groups are cause of destruction of western world manufacturing jobs and push them into developing countries whom liberals have freed from doing ANY environmental control – a by product of failed Kyoto’s hidden wealth re-distribution efforts.

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