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RE: Calif Bay Area Danger losing Mfg mojo & Jobs

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Charles Randall

FYI – The results of problems with Liberals attacking Manufacturing base during a recessionary period and then celebrating their victory even as it displaces more jobs and reduces the tax base & revenue support should be a criminal event.
And it is a good advance look into what could be coming for the rest of the US since the Obama administration had several of these California idiots in charge of drafting the Stimulus package and its anti-industry/manufacturing programs.
We are now in the 19th month of this recession which is now longer than any past recession (previous 2 were 16 & 18 months max)…except the 1929 depression (48 months) and so within 6 months the Government will have to fess up that we are in a depression (or at least half way thru one) but not before we have another downward correction to form a bottom so that the recovery can truly begin (we currently have a bear trap getting ready(already started?) to correct from an oversold position). Good news is that we are halfway thru & headed towards the recovery portion – but programs like the Carbon Tax/Obama Energy Program are going to intensify consolidation and shutdown portion of the Oil/Energy Industry.

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