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RE: BP Whiting & MAP Detroit get Air permits


Charles Randall

Here are couple updates on recent challenges / blocks to Coking Refinery expansion plans that have broken through the Environmental & EPA blocks recently – partly no doubt to better understanding of what a block these co-joined groups have done to inhibit progress of US oil industry, albeit after a lengthy progress and beyond steps / required additions as in case MAP’s Detroit monitor, purchased particulate offsets & coke dust.
It isn’t big step getting Environmentalist to step off the oxygen supply tube for struggling US Refinery projects but it is in right direction. I think the last Congressional review Oil industry turned out to be less of a pillory & blame casting for the oil industry the liberals & Democrats had planned & more of an eye opening and call to action for what Wallstreet Speculators, Environmentalist, and Global competition from Government backed National Oil companies reserve competition has been doing to US companies!

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