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Charles Randall

This $1 Billion Hydrogen Power plant & CO2 EOR project seems to be finishing the Engr & studies this year with investment decision 2008 & project startup by 2011.
Also note the Carson plant will be next to BP refinery & use Petcoke as fuel for Hydrogen while separating the CO2.
Notes to editors:
Today’s announcement follows the November 2005 launch of BP’s new low- carbon power generation business – BP Alternative Energy – which brings together hydrogen power projects, such as the proposed Carson plant, with BP’s interests in solar, wind and gas-fired power generation. BP plans to invest up to $8 billion over the next ten years to create a low-carbon power business with the potential to deliver revenues of around $6 billion a year. BP announced plans for its first hydrogen power project – in Peterhead, Scotland – in June 2005.
EMG, a subsidiary of Rosemead, Calif.-based Edison International , brings broad-based experience to developing this project as the owner, lessor or operator of about 9,000 MW of fossil-fuel and renewable electric power generation in California, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and West Virginia. Edison International, through its subsidiaries, is an electric power generator and distributor, and an investor in infrastructure and renewable energy projects, with assets totaling more than $35 billion.
Petroleum coke is a residue produced when all useful volatile hydrocarbons are removed from crude oil in the refining process. Carson refinery’s coker units produce around 3 to 4,000 tons of coke a day.

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