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RE: BP leases 50% Egypt Midor Coking Refinery

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Charles Randall

Here is update on Midor Coking Refinery that shows it has leased 50% capacity to BP for 6 months.
Not sure details but seems to match up with BP’s Egyptian offshore Saqqara field find ~2003 of 40-50 MBD (one largest increases since 1989). Midor represents a large portion of the crude imports since it cannot run the Egyptian crudes.
Article mentions the Midor expansion to 130 MBD by 2011 and I am sure it includes the coker debottlenecking as well – not sure if there is coke drum replacement scheduled. I believe original Midor EPC that COP supplied Coker Technology in 2002 ( Foster Wheeler & Techniq were doing some of the FEED & EPC work as well).
Although not mentioned here the Egyptian Refinery Company (EPC) plans to add 2 new Grassroots refineries and expand 5 of the 8 refineries they control (all but Midor).  A FEED / Project Design phase is underway on the Cairo Refienery Co at Mostorod that will add a Hydrocracker and a new coker – project cost in June 2008 increased from $2B to $3B for this expansion. It is likely that ConocoPhillips will do the Coker Technology for the project.

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