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Charles Randall

Here are couple updates on Bloom Energy’s Fuel Cell Boxes from Green Sector that are about to come into their own. It has been couple years since they first hit commercial sector (were in development for 8 years) and were first sold to companies like Google, Ebay, and FedEx. Bloom Energy’s progress was highlighted Feb this year when 60 minutes did a report and barley hinted at the potential for this development. 
I believe a comparison for this technology could be equivalent to comparing what the Personal Computer – PC did for individual/global access compared to huge old stype IBM building size networks it replaced. These boxes could do for individual/global electrical use compared to existing huge grid infrastructure.
These “Bloom Boxes” are filled with small composite brick size fuel cells take fuel like Nat Gas & Oxygen and produce electricity without fire via electrochemical reaction. Bloom Energy is currently only making them in larger 100 KW units / Boxes (~$750k) capable of powering buildings & commercial facilities but they can be scaled down to power individual houses without any support from power grids.
These could be good applications for Individual Key Refining Units where power grid supply problems often take and keep refineries offline for long periods.  One the big differences between refineries shutdown by Katrina damage and those returning back online quickly was the ability to produce their own onsite power without a grid.  The economics are huge for lost production capacity within a refinery and with the elemination of steam powered pumps for energy conservation/cost reasons just increases the reliance on local power grids.

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