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RE: Aluminum Prod cuts 4.5 MMmtpy – not enough

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Charles Randall

Here is DJ posted article showing World Aluminum production cuts that was in the WSJ this morning about World production cut totaling 4.5 MM mtpy Aluminum & listed the countries/companies that had made cuts (~China was about half I believe) but needed to cut another 3MM mtpy to kickstart a recovery.
The 4.5 MMmtpy lost Aluminum production would mean that about 1.8MM mtpy CPC petcoke wouldn’t be needed (or 2.4 MMmtpy green anode petcoke) – which is good for market & price stability since this volume petcoke would be ~ similar loss range from the refineries that are cutting back their crude & production runs due poor margins & demand. The power demand to the smelters will also be reduced.

I believe the DJ article Jan 12 might be the same article but do not have a subscription to WSJ online – if you will know but if not …. you still have this DJ version news item on the posted recap.  Note several of these (like Norsk Karmoey closure – were mentioned in earlier article on Recap of December Metals/Market production closures /cutbacks for Aluminum/copper/zinc & other plants.
Here is link to the WSJ version (I believe) for comparison:
Brinkmanship Impacts Aluminum Prices –  
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Jan 19, 2009 As a registered user of The Wall Street Journal Online, you will be able to: …. take years to recover from their slump, industry executives said. On the face of it, the amount of world production being cut sounds sizable enough. As much as 4.5 million metric tons of aluminum is estimated to

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