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Gaetano Ambrosino

Temperature stability, operation and performance optimization requires accurate real-time temperatures, and the proper and complete combustion of the variety of fuels involved. One key variable is the atmospheric reduced crude (ARC) temperature.

The ARC temperature is critical for increased gas oil yield, at the same time reducing the Coker feed. Our role is to enable higher refinery throughput rates through better process temperatures.

The application of Acoustic Pyrometer System can improve the performance of most crude units in refineries with respect to energy efficiency, reliability, utilization, and safety.
Significant energy savings can be achieved by reducing the amount of excess combustion air to the crude and vacuum heaters.

If combustion air is not sufficient, after-burning can take place in the upper parts of the heater, resulting in higher temperatures

This can damage the heater tubes, tube supports, and firebox structure. In extreme cases, the fuel mixture in the firebox can become explosive.

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