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RE: 12 States Sue EPA Refinery Emission Controls – All states w/o much refining

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Charles Randall

This is an action item that needs to be squashed at inception. Most of these states are well known for their liberal and anti-industry stance against refineries and nearly all have either no refineries or between 1-3. Only California has significant number refineries (15), but has been source of nearly all environmental changes that have been cause of adding over an additional $1.25/gallon to gasoline prices ($0.50/gal from elimination MTBE alone).
These states are also trying to build this position on two false premises – 1) There is a global warming & 2) Manmade emissions are responsible for global warming. There is a scientific community trying desperatly to get the truth out past the liberal press & environmental groups that any global warming is function of the Sun and other factors not man, and that there is a great deal of doubt if the current temperature increase is any greater than those of recent past long term weather cycles.
Additionally US harsh environmental actions have been forcing existing refineries to close and preventing any new construction for over 30 years now, while undeveloped countries like India, China & Russia have been allowed to rampantly install government plant after plant with little monitoring, no regulations and little emissions limitations. I think a block needs to be installed on ANY aggressive actions towards US refineries until the damage from Kyoto & environmental groups can be reversed in these undeveloped countries – it is after all a GLOBAL WARMING and not just a US NIMBY WARMING issue they are basing their (however false) position upon isnt it??
A case should be made that any US expansion or new refinery would displace an equivalent capacity in China (now the worlds largest polluter – up from number 7 thanks to Kyoto) or other undeveloped country that must supply the US with its current needed gasoline imports.
This is the type of issue that EPA will receive thousands of email responses from Serria Club, NDRC, “Friends of Earth” and other environmental activist groups that que their members to blogg the issue out of existance & make the EPA think the entire US is against issues like this (and recent Texas waiver on ETOH use).
So rest of us in favor of keeping refineries in US instead exporting them to China and elsewhere because of liberal hype & untruths – should start doing the same – go EPA website, enter your email address & add your voice on side reason & common sense…..I am sure it would be pleasant change for EPA folks!

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