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MRO Garyville Refinery Request LA for Capacity Increase

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Charles Randall

Marathon Executive: Garyville, La., Refinery Capacity Could Increase
By Ben Lefebvre, Of Dow Jones NEWSWIRES 2/04/2011
HOUSTON -(Dow Jones)- Marathon Oil Corp. (MRO) has filed an application with the state of Louisiana to further expand the company’s refinery in Garyville after finishing a major expansion in 2009.
“We have filing in there to expand it further if refinery shows it can run above 464,000 barrels a day,” Marathon spokesman Shane Pochard said.
Marathon boosted the Louisiana refinery’s run rate from the 436,000 barrels a day it listed after it finished the multi-billion-dollar expansion in 2009. The initial expansion added another 180,000 barrels a day to its capacity.
“After a year of running, the refinery has been able to process additional crude,” Pochard said.
-By Ben Lefebvre, Dow Jones Newswires; 713-547-9201;

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