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MainFractionator & Wet Gas Compressor




Bottoms Recirculating System with Strainers
HCGO product has coke strainer
Zero Recycle (Trap out above FZ)
Spray Wash Zone above flash zone
Dual level indication on bottom
Trays that resist steam -> water explosion
– operators are trend to fixed valve trays instead of floating valve trays
NH4 CL salt handling
– avoid tray corrosion/salt deposition
CN corrosion controled in OVHD system
– Vessel Cracking
– Water Wash of fin fans
Chemical cleaning employed to allow rapid equipment entry
– Quick turn, Zymeflow
– Liquid vs Vapor Phase effectiveness
– Should allow entry within 24 hours (C6 H6 Removal is key in napththa circuits)

Few use Wheel Wash
– Fouling of wheels noted to be low

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