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Larry Bell, has cut through the heavily funded bad science of global warming advocates, the outrageous claims of politicians and scare threats from extremist environmentalists to explain the truth about Earth’s climate and the man-made and natural forces that change it. He has done an amazing job of sorting it out and putting it in proper perspective.  —  John Coleman,  Meteorologist, Founder of The Weather Channel
Dear Mr. Allen,
Here we go again, barely three weeks into the new year and record breaking snowfalls have already crippled holiday travelers throughout Europe and the United States. Many are wondering what the rest of the winter has in store while scientists are busy scrambling to map out their weather predictions for the next storm and the next decade.

Between last summers record breaking heat and this years dose of old man winter, where do we stand with global warming?

Internationally recognized space architect and climate expert, Larry Bell asserts, The reality is climate change is natural and impossible to predict. No one, not anyone, can even begin to confidently predict what Earths global climate will be in a decade or longer.

In his new book, Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax, Bell gives solid, scientific facts that dispels the global warming myth. Citing a web of deception between politicians, special interest groups and the research industry, Bell sets the record straight.

Please contact me to request a review copy of Climate of Corruption. Additional press material is posted below for your convenience and I would be happy to arrange an interview with Bell.

Lynn N. Coppotelli
For Immediate Release
Contact: Lynn Coppotelli
Phone: 856-489-8654, ext. 312
Climate of Corruption:
Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax

Larry Bell
The Hype Behind the Hysteria
Mostly sunny with a chance of showers. That just about sums up the weather forecast in any-town, USA. It covers all the bases: sun, rain and clouds, yet meteorologists notoriously get it wrong! When it comes to global warming why should we believe they finally got it right?
From Orson Welles warning about the Martian invasion in 1938 to the New York Times predicting a new ice age in 1975, the American public has been subject to outlandish hoaxes and misinformation. The threat of global warming is no different. Larry Bell, internationally recognized space architect and author of the new book, Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind the Global Warming Hoax, exposes the hype behind the hoax.
Written for the layman, yet in-depth enough for the specialist, Climate of Corruption digs deep into the natural and political aspects of the climate change debate, answering fundamental questions that reveal politization and misrepresentation of science. Why and how are some of the worlds most prestigious research organizations cashing in on the debate? Which hidden ideological and financial agendas benefit most by promoting public climate change hysteria? Whose purposes are served by the demonization of carbon dioxide as a pollutant? How do climate deceptions advance irresponsible energy policy and  global wealth redistribution goals?
Yes, climate change is real, occurring with regular and irregular cycles and for lots of reasons, says Bell.Scientists know about many of them, but they know less about how these dynamic causes and effects interact or what combined results will occur at any given time. No one, not anyone, can even begin to predict what Earths global climate will be in a decade or longer, much less the impact it will have on us.
Debunking the man-made climate crisis, Climate of Corruption, disputes the global warming theory with hard facts:
       Sets the Climate Record Straight – explains natural, unpredictable cycles and forces that influence climate change over long and short periods                    
       Challenges Fabrications and Myths – factually dispels unfounded claims of consensus among scientists and other experts
       Exposes Political Hijackers of Science – reveals key self-serving special interest groups     
       Connects the Dots – exposes the entwined relationships between the climate research companies, green industries, political campaigns and international politics
       Follows the Money – traces the trail of taxpayers dollars into the pocket of energy consumers
       Offers Positive Solutions – elaborates what we can do to reclaim control, rediscover abundant national advantages and exercise American ‘exceptionalism’
It is absolutely clear that Earth is no warmer now than during many past periodswhen life flourished, advises Bell, times when agriculture was abundant, pyramids and cities were built, and world citizens became connected in trade and culture.
With its devastating portrayal of scientific and government establishments run amok, this book is an invaluable addition to the tremendously popular literature attacking the scientific status quo. Climate of Corruption will bring welcome relief to all those who are fed up with climate crisis insanity.
About the author:
Larry Bell is an internationally recognized space architect and holds an endowed professorship established in his name at the University of Houston. He is the founder and director of Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA). Bell and SICSA are frequently featured, nationally and internationally. Appearances include ABC TV-Australia, The History Channel, Discovery Channel – Canada, NASA Select, National Geographic, Time Magazine and the Christian Science Monitor. International honors include the prestigious Space Pioneer Award from the Kyushu Sanyu University in Japan, and two of the highest honors awarded by the Federation of Astronautics and Cosmonautics of the former Soviet Union for his contribution to international space development. Bell also has a weekly column on titled The Bell Tells For You.

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