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EPA (air Permit Violation) – BP started Whiting expansion 3 yrs early

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Charles Randall

<Ouch! Under pressure from Environmentalist still trying block expansion Whiting – EPA is chasing Air Permit violations against BP.  The work on FCC was similar type work that spawned the NDRC new source bull-crap that treats debottlenecking & modifications as “new source” – Charlie comments>
EPA: BP may have started Whiting expansion 3 years early
Thursday, October 02, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has amended air pollution violation allegations it filed in November against the BP Whiting Refinery.

The EPA issued a new release Thursday saying it now has information suggesting BP may have started a $3.8 billion expansion to process Canadian crude oil in 2005 – three years before the oil giant received a state construction permit.

The dispute centers on February 2005 modifications BP made to a catalytic cracking unit, which is used to heat crude oil and alter its molecular structure.

A BP spokesman in December described the improvements as “routine maintenance activity done to enhance reliability.” But the EPA called the changes a major modification to an air pollution source and told the company it should have obtained a permit before beginning the work.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management issued a construction permit for the Whiting expansion in May. A BP spokesman was not immediately available for comment Thursday afternoon.

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