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Coke Drum Fabrication reply by Charlie Randall

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Charlie Randall accidentally posted as GUEST and asked us to indicate his name.
-Forum Admin (Paul Orlowski)
‘ th’nk th’s has wasted enough of my & other peoples t’me. And ‘ also have no ‘ntent’on of turn’ng th’s ‘nto some we’rd Coke Drum Real’ty show.  ‘ am forced to conceed that my fr’ends or’g’nal post’on was correct & th’s approach to process change ‘s ~waste t’me.[/al’gn] [/al’gn]Only an ‘d’ot, pol’t’c’an or banker (or ev’dently you) would th’nk that a “tour” would tell someone anyth’ng about the qual’ty or capab’l’t’es of a fabr’cat’on or manufactur’ng plant. There are no shortcuts ‘n coke drum ‘ndustry for prov’ng exper’ence / your capab’l’t’es. You need pay your dues and have SEVERAL (more than 6) coke drums ‘n f’eld that last long enough to g’ve w’tness to your cla’ms. A lot of compan’es have great fabr’cat’on shops but they dont bu’ld coke drums, dont cla’m they can and they are not try’ng to pass themselves off as world class drum manufactures.[/al’gn] [/al’gn]’ th’nk one of the other guest made a good po’nt about fabr’cat’on cons’derat’on for the safety aspects / dangerous nature of Hydroreactors or Hydrocrackers. But even ‘f you would shutdown and start-up one of these types of un’ts every day for a whole year and then repeat the process for at least 10 more years – the sever’ty of serv’ce would st’ll not match the cond’t’ons / cycle fat’gue the coke drums go thru every day! The cool down & heat up cycle occurs ‘n a greatly shortened per’od of t’me (less than 4 hours / each) by a water quench & vapor heat cycle – no other pressure vessel ‘n ref’n’ng system goes thru th’s k’nd of stress and ‘t ‘s why the normal Pressure Vessel ASTM codes are so wrong to use for fabr’cat’ng ‘t. The prev’ous guest had a great deal of exper’ence ‘n both fabr’cat’on & EPC area’s & he had good requ’rement l’st for coke drums. However others have done most of these ‘tems but some th’er drums fa’led  – so perhaps h’s drums hav’ng cycle t’mes over 18 hours was a more ‘mportant factor for the’r long l’fe.[/al’gn] [/al’gn]And ‘n regards to “post by other coke drum fabr’cators” – ‘f you checked your facts half as much as you ran your mouth (f’ngers ‘n th’s case) you would know that th’s ‘s a news sect’on & not the work’ng /cok’ng blog sect’on.  Just above the left s’de news l’nks ‘s one called “D’scuss’on Forum” and there ‘s even a sub-sect’on for Coke Drums where th’s thread really should have been posted ‘n the f’rst place. And an earl’er vers’on called “Old D’scuss’on” (1998-2004) ‘s also ava’lable and probably had more act’ve post by the fabr’cators and EPC guys. but Lot of the fabr’cators post were done as “Guest” or often offl’ne d’rectly to/w’th the ref’ner and somet’mes few others. Any goodw’ll towards lead’ng you thru th’s type ‘nformat’on has long ago been exhausted.[/al’gn] [/al’gn]Add’t’onally under “L’nksCB&’ has some of the’r presentat’ons/past d’scuss’ons as PDF on few of the’r ‘nnovat’ons l’ke Coke Drum Vert’cal Plates, f’eld fabr’cat’on and ect.  C’A an ‘nspect’on company “l’nk” also has tutor’al art’cles & some of fabr’cators art’cles. Both of these compan’es are also under the “Products & Serv’ces” l’nk and the’r webs’tes eventually lead to same art’cles. The other fabr’cators have been ‘n the f’eld and ‘n the conferences and ‘n d’scuss’ons / work’ng w’th the’r customers about post fabr’cat’on problems they dont have to spend the’r t’me bragg’ng at a news s’te.  ‘ m’ght also ment’on ‘ have seen several of fabr’cators, EPC & Coke Technology guys br’ng ‘n th’er f’eld guys to even help do the’r presentat’ons about key coke drum ‘nnovat’ons or ‘nstallat’ons.[/al’gn] [/al’gn]You customers (Hunt & Valero) may not have lacked conf’dence ‘n your fabr’cat’on of the’r 6 drums but they are st’ll tak’ng a b’g calculated r’sk that these drums are go’ng to perform as well ‘n the f’eld as alternate fabr’cators w’ll – that ‘s why you only got part of the order.  You have to know that the 2 drums for Pt Arthur and 2 drums for St Charles w’ll be stand’ng next to 4 drums made by other fabr’cators and ‘f your drums fa’l before 5-7 years or substant’ally earl’er than the others – your fabr’cat’on capab’l’t’es ‘s go’ng to be ‘n quest’on along w’th future supply opportun’t’es. [/al’gn] [/al’gn]You can also keep deny’ng your compet’tors ab’l’ty to do a large number of drums ‘n short per’od of t’me, but…… at least 4 Ch’na ref’ner’es have completed cok’ng projects that came onl’ne ‘n 2008 ‘nstead of 2009 goals and that would have represented over 18-20 coke drums be’ng fabr’cated dur’ng the same 18 months by SE’ (EPC) and SH’ (fabr’cators). [/al’gn] [/al’gn]Regards[/al’gn] [/al’gn]

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