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Coke cutting & handing



Hydraulic power for cutting winches
– Easier control than pneumatic
– Better reliability and ongoing maintenance
– Eliminate oil leaks from rotary joint
(Side conversation Is it possible to collect oil from the muffler exhaust? None noted)

Cutting Pumps
– Options Pacific, Flowserve, Ruhrpumpen
– Speed Control to remove cutting water discharge valve
– Use two pumps
Have double limit switch cut-out on drill stem at top of drum Cutting Pumps
Hose Inspection that can predict end-of-useful life


Bridge Cranes are remote operated
IDEA => Use cutting air, instead of cutting water?
Gravity Drain Pad
Remove economic majority of coke fines
Fines trap out prior to water reaching maze using railroad rails with coke stacked up against them
Drain cut tank bottoms to pad, instead of maze
Toyo vertical shafts pumps for pumping from Pit –> Maze

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