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Clarification: Relocated Ingostadt for India Haldia Coker


Charles Randall

Clarification news comments CER:
The German Ingolstadt Refinery being relocated to India Halida Refinery is Spice Energy/Lohrmann refinery JV (also BP/Bayernoil Ingolstadt Refinery) that will be shutdown in June 2008. There are indications that Halida will also have a coking unit.
The Petroplus  purchased the Esso/Exxon German Ingolstadt Refinery in 2006 and has recently formed a Growth Vehicle which includes the Ingolstadt Refinery. The hybrid Lurgi Fluid coker at Esso Ingolstadt was shutdown in Dec 2004 and there were plans to replace it with new delayed coker or Exxon Fluid Flexicoker. 
The 2 coking projects are separate and were 2 different German Refineries in Ingolstadt.
Sorry for confusion. Regards

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