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Chemical cocktail in fracking

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Incomplete statement on Fracking:
“Combine that with the long-time technique of fracking, breaking up the shale rock with steam, water and sand (supposedly so scary to “environmentalists”), and the net result, Gingrich elaborates, is that [W]e now have in shale tremendous amounts of natural gas that is recoverable.”[/blockquote]
There is a lot more in the frac chemical cocktail that was not mentioned.  You can find out what that is.
More than two years ago, ExxonMobil demonstrated its commitment to disclosure of hydraulic fracturing fluids by working with U.S. state regulatory agencies to help create the FracFocus website, an online registry where companies submit data about chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing of oil and natural gas wells.
The site lists 59 chemicals used in Fracking. Many chemicals are used in small amounts and are not controversial. Others are very dangerous, like
Methanol a registered air pollutant – ever smelled a cow fart?
Ethylene Glycol, a major ingredient in anti-freeze and paint solvents
2-butoxyethanol Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed though skin, causes eye irritation, affects central nervous system, blood and blood-forming organs, kidneys, liver and lymphoid system.
A post is more credible when it is honest and not filled with half-truths. 
We want the energy natural gas provides. Let’s figure out safe ways to get it.

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