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Charles Randall

Here are few updates around the proposed Cancun Kyoto Protocol meeting for extending agreement past 2012 expiration date.  <Oh – its beginning to look a “lot like Christmas” everywhere I see…> After recent unsuccessful UN meeting and bombshell’s like Japan not signing unless China has adhere, Canada & Russia trying kill existing language & Africans / others becoming extremely upset.   Obviously all the undeveloped nations that benefit from exemption of emissions regulations are pushing for it & developed nations that have had great damage to their mfg. industries as result of unequal regulation that forces these types industries to move are against it.   Add in the data that shows all the exempt countries have become the worlds largest emitters and that all developed 18 signature countries failed meet any of earlier easier goals at time when Global Warming /Climate Change theory has become greatly weakened by true scientific facts at odds with liberal environmental & media claims. Currently Canada & Japan have hardened resistance, US has never agreed & now that Democratic liberal thrust has been weakened by loss House in 2011 – both Climate Change & Carbon Tax have been shelved, leaving President unable to change positions.  China, India & SAfrica have repleged & claim it is essential (as long as they do not have to adhere to any rules that is).  It seems that Brazil & Venezuela are also in this camp because it reduces ability of developed nations to explore or produce their own crude reserves & refine them. A recent recap of new text for Kyoto shows elimination or reduction of future goals (like 50% reduction by 2050) and adherence regulations and IF anything comes of new agreement its likely be Copenhagen Accord cut and paste but without a strong consensus I am still hoping that this unfair damaging agreement gets killed by the developed countries that are in financial ruin without having gained any global improvement in environmental emissions because of offset from undeveloped nations that stole their mfg. industries and are exporting products to them that they used produce domestically.RegardsCharlie Randall Here are few recent updates: Further Cancun Update: Keep Talking About Kyoto Protocol and Set …

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