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Paul R Orlowski

Salvatore Mannello says
I totally agree with Michael about regen operation. I can add that if the RCSP is over fluidized, try to decrease fluidization medium; depending from the unit type, e.g., you can increase regenerator cat level, or if the combustion air is not proper distributed, if you can, try to even distribute. Moreover, once all the CO2 is stripped from the deetanizer, try to not absorb it again in the recontacting 2°stag high pressure accumulator and/or primary absorber. E.g., if the propane-propylene recovery from the fuel gas is well accepted try to increase the temperature around the 2° stg HP drum and primary absorber, or decrease pressure. In amine absorber system the grade of the CO2 and COS absorption from the LPG depends from the type of the solvent used (MEA, DEA, MDEA…); in any case can help: increasing the amine circulation and/or the concentration; decreasing the amine lean loading and the temperature; specialty amines can help COS absorption; the last option is molecular sieves.

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